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    Whether you already have an online business or are now venturing into the world of e-commerce, Interlinc Communications has the tools, technologies & experience to help you make the most of your online store.
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    WordPress Web Hosting

    $ 4.95
    That's right! When you sign-up today, you'll get one-year of WordPress hosting for your website, from Interlinc Communications. Since 1994, we have been at the leading-edge of media, communications and technology - helping businesses just like yours make the most of their digital assets. Claim your free WordPress Hosting today and get:
    • 1 Year FREE WordPress web-hosting
    • Free .JM domain registration
    • 1GB of storage
    • 5 Business Email Addresses at your domain
    • GoogleAnalytics Integration
    • Next year, pay just US$4.95/month for hosting


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