Web Design: Get Your Creative Website Today

Tap into new business opportunities and emerging markets by putting your company in front of your target market, with creative and cost-competitive web design & development solutions from Interlinc Communications.

Reach New Markets

Businesses are no longer limited by geographic location. In today’s global digital economy an entrepreneur in Seattle can just as easily do business with consumers in Sweden without ever leaving his office, thanks to the marketing & sales potential delivered by the Internet. Doing business online is not only convenient, it is also safe and cost-effective. Accessing & acquiring business in new markets requires a professionally developed and managed website as part of your marketing & sales strategy and that’s where Interlinc Communications excels.

Creativity and Communications Skillfully Blended With Technology

There are a lot of companies parading as ‘experts’ in web design, but what sets us apart is that we’re not just your average technology company.

What good is the fanciest website if it’s not being seen by anyone or its message sends the wrong signal? As an Advertising & Marketing firm, we are firmly grounded and rooted in the principles of business communications – you’ll see it in the way we write your copy, design your message, build your site and of-course you’ll see it in your bottom-line when your site turns hits into satisfied and paying customers.

Everything’s Included

You have enough to worry about managing your business, so why add to your responsibilities? That’s why when you purchase our small business website solution, everything that you’ll need is included from the get go. Whether it’s email accounts, hosting, domain registration and search engine submission, it’s all included in our website design package. So relax, we’ve got you covered.

After Sales & Technical Support

At Interlinc Communications we take pride in offering the very best in after-sales and customer care support. If you ever need technical assistance or have a query about any of our solutions we’re here for you and the channels are always open – from 24/7 online customer care, phone & fax or our new toll-free service you can rest assured that we’ll be here to help whenever you need us the most.


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