Designing a website is much like running the perfect race, it’s about knowing how to pace yourself, when to accelerate and when to go in for the blistering finish that excites the audience into an abrupt roar of acceptance. Similarly, you want to create your website around the needs of your target audience, to hold their attention span long to enough for them to soak up as much information as possible and to complete your call to action.  So if you decide to be the Usain Bolt of web development, here are a few tips to feed the process:

  • Nail your branding– First impressions are not just medieval phrases of the past, they actually do count and could make or break your returning consumer base, in this distracting realm of the internet. From your logo, use of colours, fonts and tone of voice, strong branding flies the flag high for your business and therefore requires professional insight to increase its memorability.
  • Understand the importance of the user experience– The perfect website is usable and intuitive, so whether your audience wants to enquire about something or make a purchase, this should be achieved in just few short clicks. And yes fancy graphics are welcomed but intense complexities like slow page load, clumsy navigation and distracting banner ads are no no’s! Navigating your website should feel like a relaxing raft on the Black River, not the hustle and bustle of morning traffic.
  • Prioritize mobile- The age of accessing the internet on your mobile phone is long upon us and has way surpassed the desktop in the battle of the browsers. Whether it’s at the bus stop, inside a store or even in the confines of their home, people are using mobile phones to shop, browse and stream. If it is that you’re building a website from scratch or redesigning the one you currently have, a mobile friendly website exemplifies the needs of consumers today and those in the future.
  • Do not Neglect content– Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words, so you must understand that apart from having a great looking website, the content behind the website must be equally enthralling. From banners to blogs with a touch of compelling videos, keen attention must be paid to populating your site with relevant and engaging content, designed to incite action.
  • Keep it Simple– The saying, ‘less is always more’ weighs heavy on effective web development design and principles. People visit your website for a specific reason and the last thing you want to do is distract them with unnecessary gimmicks. While too much white space doesn’t sit well with the eye of many consumers, too less of it doesn’t either. The right distribution of white area on your website provides a professional appeal with a classic touch, modern feel and the ease of navigation.

Ways to achieve the perfect website should be as clear as the glass ceiling, it’s now time to set your plan in motion and contract the services of Interlinc Communications, to bring your ideas to life.

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