If you’re in the business of buying or selling via the internet (eCommerce) then I suspect you understand that your ecommerce website is without a doubt the driving force behind your business and undeniably its most important digital property. Naturally your website is a meeting ground for customers; where they come to learn, explore, engage and most importantly, SHOP!

Optimizing your site architecture, imagery, and styling can help you butter up the customers over time and help you see real and tangible results in revenue and sales. If you’re thinking about a website redesign here a 5 design tips to ensure you get the best results from your ecommerce website.

1)    Streamline Your Navigation

The aim is to allow consumers easy access and usability of your website, they should be able to get where they desire, quickly and hassle free by using the menus filters and search tools. In other words, it should be like cruising on Highway 2000, not bumper to bumper traffic on Half- Way Tree road. But if you’re swimming in a pool of uncertainty and have no idea where visitors go most on your site, check out your website’s path history via Google analytics to locate their favourite hangout spot. Based on your findings you need to then figure out how to add submenus, or linked design elements on the homepage to take visitors as quickly as possible to these destinations.

2) Create Unique, Timely Content

That’s right, we have gotten to the flour in the cake batter discussion. It must be clear that your website content is the largest and one of the most important ingredients in your mixture. And therefore it must be tested, measured and added in sufficient quantity and quality. Content that is attractive, exceptional, and timely will have potential and returning customers drooling and begging for more; the kind that make viewers stand at attention in awe and amusement with satisfaction and delight. But of you want that appeal, research must be done to know the market in which you operate.

3)    Highlight Best Selling Items

You have to know how to play the game and sometimes adding a little bias in necessary. By highlighting items that have sold well in the past you are giving those items a resurrection party, one that will spark interest and more than likely boost sales. Various retailers have observed that items favoured in the past in most cases continue to sell after giving customers a brief reminder. Remember, there is something about value that people cherish.

4) Provide Detailed Product views

Having a badly designed product page can have customers making a complete 360 spin, from yes to no within seconds. And that is definitely not good for business. It can put a significant damper on website traffic which in turn will reflect in sales reduction. Your products page should be without a doubt beautiful, informative and lust worthy; customers’ first reaction should be “I want that”.

On this page, the idea is to make even a pencil look like a million dollars and at this stage in the game, only high quality images will do, low resolution, pixelated images are a thing of the past. What you must also consider, is how to make people connect with an item, and allowing people to see the item in real life situations will do just that. Shoppers will get the chance to see the usefulness, design and value of the item before even making the purchase and that is what you need to turn that no into a “yes, I must have that”

5) A Mobile Experience with Responsive Web Design

We all know mobile shopping is on the rise and in order to stay current, your site must be able to transition well on a smart phone or tablet. But don’t get too far ahead and forget your loyal desktop shoppers, balance is a must.A responsive web design allows customers to have a consistent experience across any device they choose to use while shopping–whether desktop, tablet or mobile.

So if your ecommerce website is still not mobile friendly, you might want to get there soon and very soon; not only will it create a seamless experience across all devices, but it helps with search engine optimization efforts which means that your website has a better chance of popping up in the top ten sites in your area of business on Google.

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