Before you release the confetti and let the balloons drop, a well designed and managed website well do little or nothing to spark interest interest in your brand and drive website hits unless it is hosted on a high- performance server. Interlinc Communciations offers a comprehensive web-site hosting platform, utilizing the latest in high performance Windows-based web servers for maximum website efficiency and user friendly experience. Without a doubt our servers are properly managed and maintained, secure, stable and reliable.

Let’s be honest, whether new or existing, no customer wants to sit and wait more that 5 secs to watch your website load. Customers of this generation, want information and they need it NOW, one glitch in your website’s efficiency could send them scrolling along to the competition.

Thinking this could be expensive?

Relax and breathe a sigh or relief, Interlinc screams affordability-we have plans and pricing packages designed to meet every budget. This is why companies from small businesses to large enterprise and government rely on Interlinc Communications for their website hosting needs. With plans starting as low as US$6.25 per month, you can have your cake and eat it to. Go head, pull out the party favours.

Disk Space:1,000 MB5,000 MB25,000 MB
Data Transfer / Bandwidth:10 GB / Month100 GB / Month500 GB / Month
Plesk Control Panel:
DNS Management:
Supported Sub-Domains:15UNLIMITED
Pointer Domains:15UNLIMITED
Web-Based File Manager:
Password Protect Directories:
Custom Error Pages:
Email Services:
Email Accounts:100500125
Email Storage:150 MB500 MB2 GB
POP3 / IMAP / WebMail:
Mail Forwarding / Auto Responders / Vacation Messages:
Database Services:
Microsoft SQL Databases:0510
Database Storage:200 MB1 GB5 GB
Database Management Tools:
Server Technologies
Frontpage Server Extensions:
ASP / .NET / PHP / Python / CGI / Perl:

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