Creative is the New Affordable

Free your brand from bondage to digital emancipation. With our creative and cost effective Web Design and Development solution, Interlinc is committed to helping brands break down barriers and walk the lines of freedom into new markets while capitalizing on a wider clientele.

Release the Shackles and Reach New Markets

Don’t play victim to the shackles of your geographical location, We are here to take your brand across the seven continents . Imagine touching base with clients in Japan just by the click of your mouse or a tap on your smart phone. Convenient isn’t it?  Accessing & acquiring business in new markets requires a professionally developed and managed website at the heart of your marketing & sales strategy. Join the march and say ‘Hello’ to ‘Team Interlinc.’

Relax Everything’s Included

Business Plans, Sales Target, Overhead costs, we know your cup in full and running over. So there is no need to fuel the fire of responsibilities. When you sign up for one of our website design packages, everything is stacked and packed from the get go. Email accounts, Hosting, Domain Registration and Search Engine submission, it’s all part of the package. Take the load and relax, Interlinc has you covered.

We are in it for the Long Haul : After Sales & Technical Support

We are not like those other guys ‘ throwing you a deal and leaving you to swim with no support’. At Interlinc Communications we make it our mission to provide sufficient and quality after-sales and customer care support. If you need technical assistance, have queries or concerns drop us a line by fax or phone. We are here to assist you 24/7

Don’t be fooled by the ‘fake parades’, Let Interlinc build you brands online presence and turn website hits into satisfied and paying customers.

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