Interlinc Communications is not just another agency that uses the latest buzzword ‘Social Media’ to lure in new clients. With our strong heritage and pedigree as a full-service agency, we’re uniquely positioned to build and design social media campaigns for our clients who are seeking to connect & interact with their customers – through social media and inter-connect that experience with proven strategies across all media – the bottom line is that we take a wholistic approach to your media & communications needs.

Our Social Media Solutions Include:

Social Media Strategy Development

We create your very own, all-in one social media strategy, designed to be implemented in-house.  Starting with an audit to gauge your presence over the last 12 months, we combine this with a direct competitor analysis to define an optimum strategy for you. We will tell you:

  • Which social media channels you should be on?
  • What you should contribute to these channels?
  • When you should interact with them?
  • What resources you will need to maintain medium or high levels of exposure?
  • Finally, we tell you the best tools and processes you need to monitor, moderate and track the success of your social media marketing.

Our social media strategies contain all the ingredients of a successful social media strategy, but are simple and effective.


Social Media Brand Management & Monitoring

If you’re like some of our clients, you simply don’t have the time or tools to manage a desired level of activity on social media. Interlinc’s team of social media experts can provide support to help with the delivery and management of your social media strategy, implementing the ideas and strategies to ensure that it is delivered effectively. With packages starting as low as US$199 per month, there’s never been a better time to let the team at Interlinc execute and manage your company’s social media experience.


Online Advertising Strategies

As a end-to-end provider of advertising solutions, Interlinc Communications can not only design and execute your advertising campaign via Facebook, Google Adwords, but also include other digital assets such as our powerful, proprietory local search directories, and other external advertising media – Jamaican and International. Unlike small agencies and ‘one-man shops’, we leverage our global relationships with the various media, providing you with added value and cost-competitiveness.


Social Media Setup & Customization

Sure Facebook and Twitter are free online resources that anyone can register for and setup. But how your brand is perceived online will make the difference between spectacular success and mediocrity. With our depth of expertise in social media integrations, you can place your trust in Interlinc Communications to setup, design and customize your social media experience on Facebook and Twitter to create a ‘unity of brand’ that can only be achieved by having professional support behind your social media assets.


Optimized Social Campaigns

Once you’ve put your business and brand on Facebook, Twitter and the other social media assets, you’re going to want to optimize the experience and engage your users. We build effective social media campaigns that generate results. From customizing the experience, to engaging users with tools and promotions, Interlinc Communications will improve your reach, brand recognition and effectiveness of your online and social campaigns – in short, we’ll deliver results – and that’s a unique strength, with over 20 years in the business, we wouldn’t be the market leader if our solutions didn’t deliver results.

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