We can help your business achieve its online marketing objectives through professionally managed search marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) solutions. When you enlist Interlinc Communications as your SEO partner, we don’t merely submit your website to hundreds of search engines, rather we design a customized ‘white hat’ SEO solution.

White Hat, Black Hat. What’s The Difference?

It seems these days, everyone with a website can call themselves a Search Engine Optimizer! The truth is what most companies offer you, whether it’s for $29 or $229, is simply a bulk submission of your website to hundreds of useless search directories and Free For All (FFA) link submission websites.

They may also throw in a couple of generic keywords to trick the search engines into thinking your site is something it isn’t. That’s ‘black hat’ SEO, and we don’t do that. At Interlinc, we take a different approach to Search Engine Optimization that takes a little more effort but is guaranteed to generate better long-term, sustainable results

It All Starts With The Consultation

The first step to properly developing your SEO solution is to take a look at your business:

  • What do you do?
  • What are your products and services?
  • Who is your competition?

We ask these questions to better understand how we should optimize your website

Website & Content Analysis

It’s a well known fact that search engines rank your website based on keywords and the competition likes to talk about keywords in a technical fashion, ‘meta this’ and ‘meta that’. What they won’t tell you is that the search engines increasingly rank based on  content quality and the relevance & placement of keywords throughout your website. They won’t tell you because they are ‘techies’ – not advertising & marketing specialists, as we are.

The Submission

After doing the analyses & content editing, our team will submit your site to about 100 search engines and directories. We will monitor & evaluate your site’s performance, making adjustments where necessary and provide you with the relevant reports.

Integrate with Facebook and CMS Enabled Landing Pages

To help you make the most of your website and the SEO process. We also design and develop custom landing pages that are CMS enabled as weel as tightly integrated with Facebook. Take a look at some examples of our landing pages:

  1. We Build Creative Websites
  2. Interlinc Facebook Integrated Landing Page
  3. CMS Enabled Landing Page for Interlinc



Next Steps