Admit it, we’ve all been there, spent thousands of dollars on a ‘professional’ photographer to cover our corporate events, only to be spiraling down the road of disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, event photography is a necessity but the key is having the right hands, eyes and lens capture the right moments from the best angles at the right time. Investing in the right professional could mean big business for your brand. It’s the perfect gateway to building eye catching collection of images that can be used across multiple advertising and marketing platforms such as print and online.

Don’t worry finding the right photographer is not as hard as you think, here’s how to locate and work with the right professional for your next event:

Select an Event Specialist.

Event photography is no walk in park, it’s a very specialized field that requires its own set of skills. Whether you’re meeting with the Prime Minister, hosting a political, business or private sector conference or meeting up with industry colleagues for a workshop convention, Interlinc’s team of professional photographers understand the complexities of shooting events and are ready and waiting to meet your specific needs. Though shooting at the above mentioned events can be challenging due to mixed lighting, experienced photographers have the ability to work in different situations quickly; knowing when to use available light or when to use strobe lighting in a meeting room or on a stage.

Review their Portfolio.

There is nothing worse than buying a service you never bargained for. Thanks to technology you can easily scroll through a photographer’s portfolio on your smart phone or tablet; most if not all photographers have a portion of the work displayed on their website and social media profiles. An important part of this process is paying keen attention to the look and feel of the shots; take notes on shot sizes, angels and their overall photographic style. If you are still not settled by looking through portfolios, check the reviews online. Turning to Goggle can give you some good advice; customers are brutally honest about products and services, so if a photographer is ranking up rave reviews online, they might just be the pros you’ve been searching for.

Establish Good Chemistry

Working with your photographer even on the most difficult of days should feel like sunshine in the month of May. You want your photographer to not only be technically sounds but customer service oriented, since you will be working with them throughout the event. This kind of chemistry provides the right kind of atmosphere to ask questions and receive solid responses, so there should be no doubts as to what you want and how you want it done. Once that chemistry and comfort has been established, rest assured you will be worry free, trusting the photographer to do his job. This is right up Interlinc’c alley, our photographers are generally friendly professionals with good social skills that will enable your guests to be at ease, establishing the trust we need to capture the most naturally candid moments at your event.

Be Clear on Budget/Cost

When it’s all said and done budget/cost plays a vital role in the selection of any professional photographer. But be sure not to get caught making your selection by dazzling lights; high-end prices do not always guarantee the highest quality but likewise, reasonable pricing does not always depict low quality.

Be clear on your budget from the get-go so that sufficient time is not wasted dialoging with a photographer your budget cannot afford. Clients should be fully aware of any additional cost, as some photographers charge an additional fee for editing, travel expenses, etc. The onus is on you the client to ensure that all costs are detailed in a quote before entering in to any contractual agreement. Once that is done, you may proceed.

If reliability, affordability, style, talent and flair is what you desire, don’t Sail West, wasting your time on ‘Wishful Seas’, align your voyage down crystal blue isle and  Give interlinc a call………..