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Get Your Business Online Today With Our Starter Website Package

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Introducing The Starter Small Business Package by Interlinc Communications

You want to put your business online, but are concerned about the costs associated with designing, building and hosting a website. We share your sentiments, and that’s why we’ve created the Starter Small Business Website Package. Powered by industry leader, Interlinc Communications, this package gives you everything you’ll need to setup and deploy a professional website, all for less than $100 annually.

That’s absolutely right! For less than what most companies will charge you to just host your website, we give you the full package – Design / Development / Hosting / Emails / Domain Name, everything is included.

And best of all, you won’t be getting any cookie-cutter template based website. All our work, is professionally, creatively and custom designed and developed. So what’s included:

  • Custom designed 5-page website
  • Annual hosting with 200mb of storage space
  • Free domain name
  • 5 POP3/Webmail e-mail accounts
  • Submission to search engines
  • Sell up to 5 products using PayPal Buy Now
  • Facebook Business page setup

All this for just US$99.95 per year!

Simply put there is no better deal available anywhere!

Getting started is easy and efficient. Simply sign-up online, pay the $99.95 using the PayPal button below and one of our Client Services Representatives will get in touch with you within 1 business day to get your project going. From start to finish, websites are typically completed within 7-10 working days. So sign-up now and by this time next week, your business could be online and capturing your slice of the Internet market.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This package is available exclusively online.
  2. Offer valid to new customers only.
  3. Limit one website per customer.
  4. US$99.95 must be paid via PayPal prior to project start.
  5. Offer expires December 31, 2012.
  6. 500 words, 5 images per page limit.

What You Need To Send Us:

Once you’ve subscribed for the Starter Small Business Package, one of our Client Services Representatives will get in touch with you within 1 business day to complete your order and get started on the website. You will need to supply us with the following information & content when you speak to our representatives:

  • Electronic copy of your logo in high resolution JPG / PDF / TIFF format
  • Desired domain name (eg.
  • Names of users who require email addresses
  • “About Us” information for website in Word
  • Contact address, telephone / fax, email addresses
  • Products and services to be displayed on website in Word
  • Price, description, photos of products if you’ll be selling online
  • Remember to LIKE us on Facebook at

Top 5 SEO Small Business Marketing Tips

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When I talk about my Top 5 SEO small business marketing tips, I am referring to how to rank well in the search engines for targeted keywords that will increase traffic to your site organically. These are search engine optimization tips which can help you get more readers to your blog.

Top 5 Seo small business marketing tipsSearch engine optimization or keyword marketing is super fun, it is like a little contest to see if you can beat the person who holds the rank ahead of you in Google or the other search engines. BUT to rank well, you need to know EXACTLY the search terms you want to achieve for both your overall site and then each individual post. The math looks like this:

1 blog post about realtor postcards + 1 blog post about realtor logos = Realtor Marketing 1 blog post about baby safe laundry detergent + 1 blog post about green janitorial supplies = Green Cleaning Products

Trying to rank for BIG AUDACIOUS keywords starts with ranking for little attainable keywords first.

Tip One for SEO Small Business Marketing Tips

Know what your big audacious keywords are!

Small Business SEO Marketing Tip Two

Know what your tiny keywords are! I have a program that I use to find out what keywords I can gain rank for which we use to help our clients gain positions for targeted keywords. You can do the same by using a tool called SEMRush to find out what keywords you rank for organically already. Now, this will only show you the top 10 but it is a good place to start without having to spend a dime. Take those and make it your goal to move them up a couple of positions by the first of next month.

MAKE SURE you write them on a piece of paper and hang them in front of you while you work. When you are thinking of writing a post, make sure that you have those target keywords in there somewhere in the title and content!

Super Important Tip Three

Put google analytics on your website and look at it.

The picture above shows my google analytics for Marketing Artfully the last rolling month. I know that “social media services” is doing well because I am sending paid traffic to it is, BUT customer demographics is doing well also. Customer demographics is a subset of marketing that I am interested in but which I never really tried to rank for, I just put up a couple of posts and got the traffic. You can reverse engineer some great keyword rankings by figuring out what people are already searching for and finding on your site and then doing more of that!

PS – I bolded “look at it” because most people don’t, or if they do then they are not sure what they should do!

Tip Four for SEO Small Business Marketing Tips

Learn to write posts with keywords in them the correct way. This is one of my HUGE pet peeves with copywriters who write interesting articles but who do not know how to keyword them correctly. It is great to produce excellent content, but it is even better if it gets people to read it and find you knowledgeable or even makes you money because you have something to sell. Writing for writings sake is noble, but not lucrative.

Here are two posts that will help you write good, keywordy articles:

Here is my last tip – Write more. I know, not sexy but it is true. Sometimes I think to myself, why don’t I rank for that keyword and then realize it is because I have not written an article about that specific topic. Google and the other search engines do not care what you hope to rank for, they only care what you have added to the internet. The huge peaks on the chart above show that I have SO much more traffic on a day I write and bookmark a post. When I am focused on getting rankings I am writing A LOT and it is REALLY not convenient to take the time away from client work to do so BUT it is vital to the long-term success of my business. Do it first thing before any other work and then start your day.

Article by Tara Jacobsen